12.05.18 Webinar: Cost Effective DNS-Based Web Filtering

A webinar is taking place on DNS-based web filtering on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 which explains how web-based threats can be blocked with a cloud-based web filtering solution.

Celestix Networks and TitanHQ are co-hosting the webinar, which explores DNS-based web filtering and the features of Celestix WebFilter Cloud – A cloud-based web filtering solution that safeguards against web-based threats and makes it possible for organizations to use policy-based web controls to control the types of websites employees and guests can access.

Celestix Networks was established in 1999, currently serves over 5,000 consumers, and has supplied more than 25,000 security appliances to organizations around the globe. In response to demand for cloud-based security services, Celestix has started offering a range of cloud-based security solutions.

TitanHQ has been offering virtual appliance and web-based cybersecurity solutions to businesses since 1999. TitanHQ’s WebTitan technology safeguards over 7,500 companies from botnets, malware, spyware, ransomware, viruses, phishing threats and C2 callbacks. TitanHQ’s WebTitan technology powers Celestix WebFilter Cloud.

The speakers in the webinar include Rocco Donnino, TitanHQ’s EVP of Strategic Alliances, and Derek Higgins, Titan HQ’s Senior Sales Engineer.

They will discuss


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  • The technology behind the Celestix WebFilter Cloud
  • How the Celestix WebFilter Cloud protects businesses from internet-based threats
  • How the web filtering solution can be used to control internet access:

Details of the Webinar:

Date: Wednesday December 5, 2018

Time: 10:00 AM U.S. Pacific Time

You can sign-up for the webinar on this page.

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