Web Filter DNS Solution

In the space that exists between you making a request to view a website and the process of the website loading to your web browser a Web Filter DNS Solution can carry out some very important checks. This is where the solution will check to see if any of the web filtering mechanisms that you have configured notice any content that is not permitted to be accessed on your network.

Once a request to visit a specific website is entered a review is conducted to make sure that everything is above board. Anything questionable or opposed to your Internet code of conduct will not be loaded on your network.

You can set up your own directory of prohibited content that includes malicious web material, inappropriate categories and certain file extensions that will lead to a denial of access. The directory can be amended by anyone you give permission to do so. Along with tackling potential cyber attacks this solution will also help you to increase productivity among your staff and ease the strain on connectivity on your network

How DNS Filters Work

Web filter DNS solutions operate in three main ways. These ways, which are listed here, are in place to identify what type of content is being requested.

  • Blacklists: These can be used to restrict access to all websites that are recognized are sources of malware installations. The filters use directories of malicious blacklisted websites that have been established. These websites have been marked as unsafe.
  • Category filters: Similarly, categories have been assigned to online blacklists of web portals. These included every subject you can imagine and this makes it easy for you to pick and choose which categories you wish to allow access to. You can also set up your own bespoke categories and run them through your web DNS filter.
  • Keyword filters: This filters allows you to select certain words and, if they are identified among the website content, then access to that website will not be allowed.

Installing a web filter DNS solution will add two other bonuses to your workplace. Firstly, any potential drain on your bandwidth from websites that are heavy on content can be eliminated by blocking access to these websites. Secondly you should witness increased productivity among your staff as websites that can be distracting, such as social media platforms, can also be disabled for access.

Along with this you can also amend settings to request that certain groups of staff have different permissions to view different groups of website categories. For example the marketing department may need access to social media platforms or a research department may need access to certain video platforms and human resources could request that access be given to a specific member of staff so that they can complete a web tutorial. This can all be achieved using this tool.


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