How Tristar Medical Group Reduced its Cloud Costs by 60%

There are many advantages to using the cloud. More and more healthcare organizations are using it for their IT requirements such as migrating applications, infrastructure and datacenter operations. However, a major challenge is the cost associated with managing the cloud.

AWS EC2 instances is one of the platforms used by numerous healthcare organizations for their servers. It provides an excellent service but it comes with higher cost compared to other providers. That’s why many healthcare organizations opt to scale down their cloud migration plans.

Tristar Medical Group is the largest private healthcare provider in Australia. It uses cloud instances to run its servers 24/7 so that its clinics and facilities operating across the country in different time zones can access data from its servers any time. Though the clinics are running well, the expense associated with its virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution is hard to sustain. In addition, cloud instances run 24/7, but most of the time the resources are not in use. Tristar had to scale down its use of instances and its servers to avoid overprovision of resources.

The best solution to Tristar’s needs is to schedule resources and switch off instances when not in use so that there will significant savings in the monthly cloud bills. The only problem is to find, if there is any, the right cloud environment that offers automated scheduling solution. Tristar thought of looking for an application that could schedule instances and an appropriate cloud management solution.

After trying various solutions that offer the ability to schedule resources and eliminate inefficiencies, the most flexible and user-friendly one that Tristar found is ParkMyCloud. Tristar could save 40% to 60% off its AWS costs depending on its operational needs. With this option, Tristar was able to continue its cloud migration. Currently, its data centers are being moved to AWS instances. It is estimated that Tristar will save $20,000 per month or $240,000 per year on cloud costs.

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