JotForm Releases HIPAA Compliant Forms Software

HIPAA compliant form software

Patient portals and websites can be used by healthcare organizations to collect patient data, but HIPAA compliant form software should be used if forms are not developed in house.

Any healthcare data that is collected electronically must meet the requirements of HIPAA Rules. The failure to ensure web forms are HIPAA compliant could place healthcare organizations at risk of a substantial fine for noncompliance.

Developing HIPAA compliant forms in house can be time consuming. While it is certainly worth the time investment considering how much time can be saved by digitally collecting information, many healthcare organizations lack the expertise in house or could do without the headache of creating their own forms.

Software solutions allow a myriad of forms to be created quickly and easily for all manner of purposes, including onboarding, obtaining consent from patients, making payments online, creating questionnaires or for prescription fill requests.

Before any software can be used in connection with PHI, a HIPAA-covered entity must make sure that the solution incorporates the necessary safeguards to ensure any data collected remains private and confidential and is protected from unauthorized disclosures. Satisfactory assurances must be obtained from a software developer, by means of a business associate agreement (BAA), that PHI will be protected and secured at all times.

JotForm, the leading developer of online form software, has recently announced that it is now a HIPAA compliant form software provider. Its popular software has been augmented with additional safeguards and all data collected using its forms are protected on HIPAA-certified servers and hardware.


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Healthcare providers and other HIPAA-covered entities can now benefit from all JotForm features and can develop forms quickly and easily for use on their websites and other systems, safe in the knowledge that all patients’ data are protected at rest and in transits. The HIPAA compliant form software also integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, Box and Google Drive.

JotForm has now started offering HIPAA-covered entities and their business associates a business associate agreement with its Enterprise and Gold pricing plans.

“Providing healthcare users with HIPAA compliance means they will be able to reduce the headache and paperwork that comes with collecting patient information,” said Aytekin Tank, founder and CEO of JotForm. “Just because healthcare providers have to be more careful with the process of collecting data, doesn’t mean it has to be cumbersome. Our HIPAA compliant form software gives them an easy way to do so.”

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