Feds Introduce Awareness Campaign on Cyber Risks That Challenge Private Sector Companies

The National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) launched a new campaign called the “Know the Risk, Raise your Shield” campaign at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Its goal is to increase public awareness of cyber threats and to have businesses in every industry to enhance their data security procedures and cyber defenses.

The campaign tells businesses to fortify passwords, safeguard social media accounts, use safety measures to defend against phishing and spear phishing, know who is calling prior to disclosing any sensitive data over the phone and pay attention to your privacy when on a trip overseas since electronic devices are susceptible to disturbance and surveillance.

The campaign seeks to give U.S. businesses information that would aid them in understanding the cyber threats they currently face and the steps they need to do to better their defenses against those risks.

Well-funded nation-state supported threat actors are aiming for private sector companies in the United States to access sensitive data, proprietary information and are troubling supply chains. Russia presents the biggest threat, though state-financed hackers from China, Iran and North Korea are likewise targeting U.S. businesses, just like a lot of independent threat actors.

Threat actors attack for financial gain, to interrupt businesses, and for political intentions. The attacks endanger U.S. national security and worldwide competitiveness. Persistent and aggressive attacks cost our nation work opportunities, economic disadvantage, and a big sum of money.

The campaign created a series of training videos about these topics:

  • Social media lies
  • Spear phishing
  • Social engineering
  • Travel consciousness
  • Supply chain risk management
  • Human targeting
  • Economic espionage

There are available posters, pamphlets, and flyers for download at the NCSC to increase employee awareness of the threats. The training resources are accessible from this link.