Cofense Triage is One of the Top Security Software Solutions of 2018

CSO Online’s 2018 list of the best security software solutions for 2018 included Cofense Triage: The phishing incident response platform. All the security software solutions included in the list were reviewed independently by CSO Online. All security software products currently on the market underwent strict reviews. The criteria reviewed included: how the product worked, how the customer can use the solution in their environment, what are the benefits of using the product, and what major problems the product resolves.

Gartner identified the major technology areas for the security product review. The categories chosen were cloud workload protection platforms, deception technologies, remote browsers, endpoint detection and response platforms, managed detection and response services, network traffic analysis solutions, microsegmentation solutions, OSS security scanning services for DevSecOps, cloud access security brokers and container security.

CSO Online screened all security software in a specialized lab environment with each one tested, where relevant, against a number of the most harmful threats encountered by companies. CSO Online picked the 12 top software vendors – one from every technology category – with Cofense Triage chosen as the best security program in the phishing defense category. CSO Online mentioned that even if Cofense Triage a work in progress, its present form is probably the most sophisticated defense solution businesses can use to shield them from phishing attacks.

Protected email gateways and anti-spam products are very important, but they do not prevent all phishing attacks. A lot of malicious emails are able to bypass perimeter defenses and are delivered to end users’ inboxes.

Cofense Triage is an on-premises virtual appliance that links to corporate email applications and helps organizations manage reports received from employees of suspected phishing attempts and in progress phishing attacks.

Cofense also provides HIPAA training for employees to help employees identify phishing threats. The company provides a one-click phishing email reporting solution called Cofense Reporter, which enables employees to immediately dispatch suspicious emails to the security department. Sorting through those emails may be challenging and cumbersome, that’s where Cofense Triage is very helpful. By using a mix of human intelligence and technology, the solution allows the security team to swiftly separate real threats from false positives and focus on the true phishing attempts.


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Cofense notes that usually only 10% of reported emails are actually harmful. Security teams frequently invest a great deal of time evaluating the 90% of reported emails which are non-malicious. With Cofense Triage, it is possible to rapidly find and block real phishing attacks a few minutes after they have been reported.

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