Benefits of Telehealth Nursing

The benefits of telehealth nursing are wide ranging due to the way in which it allows the provision of nursing and medical treatment to all individuals regardless of the location that they are situated. Nurses can provide telehealth to patients based remotely using computing technology such as video streaming, VOIP, the Internet and telephone.

It is not always so straightforward as there are some barriers including poor Internet connectivity, lack of familiarity with technology – particularly among the older generations.Similarly, if unreliable equipment is being used then it can lead to missed appointments than were urgent as per the course of treatment.

Threats to data privacy are also an important consideration. It is important to ensure that there is full compliance with all regulatory requirements such as HIPAA. A basic step is to make sure that the patient receiving care and the person administering care is on their own and cannot be overheard during the conversation.

However, despite the barriers that are present to Telehealth nursing there are also many advantages to be gained from using it.

Telehealth Nursing Nursing Benefits:

Speed and ease of access to quality treatment: A high standard of care available for rural or underserved patients in a much swifter manner that was previously possible using traditional methods of treatment. Remote diagnosis and monitoring of patient health are also possible using this.

Improved nursing productivity: Nurses are in a position to administer care to more patients in less time as there is no need to travel to far-off locations to see individual patients.


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Remote Monitoring: Remote monitoring technology can be used for larfge number of patients. This allows the medical professionals to stay on top of the current status and health of the patient.

Happier more satisfied patients. Most patients prefer simple access using remote carethan face-to-face appointments. Telehealth is crucial for convenience and can encourage the attendance of appointments and cut travel times for individuals in remote or underserved regions.

Savings: According to a study published by Nemours Children’s Health System, patients and their family members are able to save an average of $50 in travel costs and recoup about an hour by employing telehealth services.


Virtual care and telehealth capabilities form a massive part in the provision of modern healthcare thanks to enhancing the patient experience and improving patient access to convenient care. It is made possible thanks to telehealth technologies which facilitate remote care.

This type of treatment can cut costs, enhance patient access, results and satisfaction, and can be important for administering healthcare to individuals based in remote, rural, and underserved regions. Finally, it also results in more satisfied patients.