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Surprisingly, not every spam filter checks for spam in outgoing email from the server by default.

This puts your business in a precarious position. There is the chance that either the email account of a staff member or an account that is not longer in use, has been infiltrated by a cybercriminal as they seek to contact your business associates with a genuine email address. If they successfully use it to send anything malicious outwards from your mail server then it could happen that your IP address and domain are blacklisted. If that should happen it becomes much more difficult for you to conduct business as your email could end up in the spam folders of your contacts.

The blacklisting process can happen quite easily. Should there be an email with a badly composed title or the overuse of spam-related keywords or characters (“!” or “$” for example) it may be marked as spam by a spam filter with a very high spam threshold in place. You could even be placed on a global blacklist if this happens a number of different times with a number of different blacklists.

This is even more serious that you would imagine when you consider that the global blacklist is shared between all major spam filtering service suppliers to fight cyber criminals and spam emails. providers. The result would be that This means that all your group’s emails would be intercepted by recipients’ email filters, and only sent to the recipient’s mailbox when your company had been added to a whitelist – or deleted from the global blacklist.

It can get even worse than that. Should your email server and your website share the same identical IP address, then your website could be marked as forbidden by Internet filters using the same global blacklist. If you are dependent on your webpage for making sales or online transactions, the ramifications for your revenue streams will be hugely significant.

Removing your IP address from a global blacklist is not difficult, but it can be time-consuming. All the time your organization´s IP address is blacklisted, the flow of communication between your organization and its customers is delayed – potentially harming your organization’s profitability.


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Blacklisting your group’s IP address could have happened due to an email that was, in no way, malicious. However, it may also be due to the fact that someone working for you is using his or her corporate email address to send out bulk email for their own profit. This would represent an abuse of their email privileges while also damaging your company’s reputation and credibility.

If an outbound mail going from your server is found to include malware then there is another chance your group’s IP address may be placed on a global blacklist. This is because in spite of the fact that the malware in question may not have originated from your network, but could be within an attachment created by an employee on his or her malware-infested device.

An outbound spam filter will stop anything like this from happening. It does so by reviewing all outbound emails for both spam and malware, Anything that could end up in having your company’s IP address blacklisted is blocked immediately. The reports put together by your spam filter outbound solution will notify you that you have emails to be reviewed in your quarantine folder.