Other Options for OpenDNS

Many businesses have spent a considerable amount of time trying to replace the Cisco Umbrella service, which replaced OpenDNS following the Cisco takeover in 2015, due to a number of persistent issues that have been encountered.

However, it is not an easy task identifying an ideal solution for your organization. In most cases those charged with finding a replacement are unable to do so to specific needs in an enterprise-level OpenDNS solution.

While we will not seek to recommend one solution over another we will, in this article give you some advice regarding what you should be looking for as you conduct your research. A high level list would include network monitoring capability, Internet usage management and the strongest possible spam prevention processes.

Cost is always a significant consideration. You want to find something that will not break the bank while remaining scalable and ideal for the needs of your network. We could advise that you draw up your budget and add everything possible. You do not want to be in a situation where you are regretting adding something that would have prevented a hacking attack from infiltrating your systems. You can always ask the relevant sales person at the service you select to try and include even more features at your subscription level.

99% of the time a cloud based solution is the best route to take. Typically this are quick and easy to set up, more user-friendly to manage and are update in real time so there will be no time lag for cybercriminals to try and exploit then a previously unseen method of attack takes place.

In order to achieve regulatory compliance in a specific sector, for example HIPAA in the US, you need to store the data in the region where the compliance is enforceable. If you require this you should search for a cloud solution that can be regionalized. The more that you can edit on the dashboard management portal the more certain you are of achieving your compliance targets. In addition to this it will be easier for you to assist with an audit in the unfortunate case of a data breach occurring.


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In order for you to properly gauge how a solution might work in tandem with your networks you should request to have a free trial conducted over the period of one or two months. This will allow you to see how well it works. You will be able to evaluate how well it works with a business in your sector and how easy it is for your staff members to use.