MSP Content Filtering

An MSP can accomplish content filtering without becoming an ISP though it is a challenge that only a few solutions can meet.

This is due to the fact the MSP customers typically require a web filtering solution that is also not prohibitive when it comes to cost. This is a challenge due to labor involved in implementing web filtering. There are a range of services available that provide every feature needed by MSPs, making implementation straightforward and less labor-intensive.

As cybercriminal continue to fine tune the efforts to infiltrate databases and networks to commit fraud an Internet content filtering solution has never been as important a tool to implementIt can help businesses:

  • Enhance staff productivity
  • Eliminate bandwidth drain
  • Address potential Human Resource problems before they occur
  • Prevent cyberattacks
  • Cut out possible malware downloads
  • Ensure legislation and regulatory compliance

DNS Internet filtering for managed service providers also comes with a range of benefits over different forms of Internet access control. Unlike some solutions, there are no extra hardware requirements so there will be no cost to pass on to the clients for new equipment. However,an MSP will need to appoint a local support team to complete configuration.

Even so, MSP DNS Internet filtering is a better way, overall, to manage Internet content due to the lack of hardware requirements, absence of site visits and no software downloads. Set is also simple and user friendly. All that is required is an MSP to direct a client through some steps to change their DNS. Once the DNS has been pointed to the service provider’s servers, the Internet can then be filtered very quickly. Finally, as opposed to different types of web filtering, there is no latency with a DNS filter. Internet speed is not impacted by the web filter.