Installing an Enterprise Web Filtering Software

The majority of groups add a virus detection solution to their networks to spo malicious files after they have been downloaded. While this is a good move, a better move would be to install an enterprise web filter that goes a step further as it stops web users from browsing web pages that are likely to be harbouring malware or ransomware.

This is a crucial solution in the fight against phishing as it will block access to all portals that facilitate this method of attack. AS one of the main hacking methods employed, phishing needs to be addressed at all costs. They are typically aimed at tricking any member of staff into handing over details that will allow the databases to be accessed. Once login credentials have been obtained malware or ransomware will be deployed as quickly as possible.

Login credentials allow hackers to steal or corrupt data. This has serious ramifications for any group in an industrial sector that is heavily regulated. Heavy financial sanctions can be applied if a data breach is permitted to take place.

Another method that phishers use to bring staff members to malware-infected websites containing exploit kits via spam emails and malicious adverts (malvertising). When these have been launched browser weaknesses are exploited in order to load further malware on staff computers.

This style of attack can be addressed by investing in enterprise web filtering software. This will stop redirects and control access to infected websites. The cybersecutiory tool can be set up to mitigate the threat posed by botnets and hackers’ command and control center communications.

There are many considerations when choosing enterprise web filtering software and no shortage of options to choose from. Yet finding enterprise web filter software that is cost effective, has a low management overhead, and is easy to maintain can be a difficult task.


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There are a number of other advantages to be garnered from putting the additional layer of cybersecurity in place. It can lead to greater productivity, less problems on a human resources front and less of a drain on your network’s bandwidth. This is accomplished using category and keyword filters to manage network managers to control web pages that can be viewed.

Other Advantages of Using an Enterprise Web Filter

  • Stop “cyberslacking” and greatly improve workplace productivity.
  • Stop visits to malware-infected websites.
  • Help staff members from becoming a victim of a phishing attack.
  • Prevent Internet speed issues by managing staff access to content-filled websites.
  • Tackle botnet attacks