Hotels Web Content WiFi Filtering

Installing hotels web content WiFi filtering is necessary to ensure that the hotels network and the devices that guests use to access itaer kept as safe as possible.

A solution like this will stop guests and staff viewing malicious content and URLs that typically hosts malware and ransomware downloads. It will also be good for the hotel’s reputation to be able to broadcast that they are using a strong security solution like this.

WiFi filtering will eliminate the possibility of someone viewing inappropriate material in a public common area of the hotel. This occurring would cause great offence to guests, particularly innocent children. Material that will be blocked includes pornographic videos and images of child abuse, and religious or racially motivated hate content.

Web site filtering for hotels can also prevent illegal activity from taking place on hotel WiFi networks. Such activities include gambling on illegal websites or illegal file sharing on P2P websites – activities that could result in legal action being taken against a hotel for facilitating copyright infringement.

Any website may have been infiltrated by cybercriminals and hotel wifi and web filters will be able to spot malicious content before it is loaded on the network. In addition to this a block can be placed on the downloading of certain files that typically are used by hackers. This solution will also stop the hotel databases from being hacked or locked with a ransom demand.

It is possible to set this up with special permissions for some users or groups. This means that staff users could be able to use certain website categories that normal guests cannot. This is particularly in bigger hotels that have a sales and marketing department on site who may need access to complete certain projects and tasks.


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For example if the marketing department wishes to conduct a competition on Instagram for the best picture taken by a guest at the hotel then it can see to it that access to the platform is allowed for that department and hotel guests but is not enable for accounting or kitchen staff.

WiFi Filtering for Hotels and Bandwidth Control

Most establishments providing a WiFi service for guests have a limit on how much bandwidth they can provide. Bandwidth can easily be used up by guests viewing live streaming sites or video sites such as YouTube or NetFlix. With the WiFi service drained of bandwidth, other guests are unable to access the Internet, read emails or connect to their friends on social media sites.

To ensure that every guest has the Internet available to them, WiFi filtering for hotels allows bandwidth limits to be set per device. Similar to the controls used to prevent productivity loss, these controls can be time-based, so that more bandwidth is available per device during the evening when other guests may not be too concerned about checking their emails or connecting via social media.