Google to Relocate Management of EU Data from the US to Ireland

Google has unveiled its decision to make several changes to its terms of service and privacy policy. One of those changes is to have Ireland as the place that provides data services to Europe.

Anne Rooney, Public Policy Manager for Google Ireland, made the announcement in a Google blog post. She explained that the change to the data controller was made to assist with engagement with the data protection authorities in the EU through the GDPR’s ‘One Stop Shop’ system. This system was developed to make sure that regulatory decisions for organizations and EU citizens are consistent. It’s crucial to note that these modifications do not by any means change Google’s products or how user data are collected or processed through the company’s services and products.

With regards to the Google privacy policy, it was also mentioned in the blog post that there will be several updates. The most important update is that Google Ireland Limited will now be the ‘data controller’ officially liable for EEA and Swiss users’ data. This signifies that Google Ireland Limited is now responsible for answering requests for user data, which includes EU law enforcement, in line with Irish legislation. It is furthermore responsible for complying with appropriate privacy laws, which include the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The changes will become effective on January 22, 2019. Google said that no feature or operation of its European services will be affected. The amendment means that the Dublin Google office will process the requests for user information from users and law enforcement authorities going forward. Presently, the official service provider for Google Services, which include Drive, Gmail, Play, Maps and YouTube, is established at Google’s European headquarters in Dublin. Furthermore, all work to ensure compliance with the GDPR will be carried out in Dublin.

Google has already started emailing customers to notify them about the change in conducting data management in Europe. The email notification said that the experience in Google services will not change. There will also be no changes in the terms of privacy settings, in data processing, nor the reasons of processing as defined in the Google Privacy Policy. Nonetheless, users who don’t wish to accept these changes in the terms and Privacy Policy can opt to stop utilizing its services.

The Google Privacy Policy updates are available here.


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