Email Archives

There are lots of reasons for companies to configure email archives which will result in lots of benefits including ensuring regulatory compliance and protection in the face of cyber attacks.

The mode of operation is reasonably straightforward, duplicates of all incoming and outbound emails are made, encrypted, compressed and indexed. Following this, they are shared to a server in a secure data center for safe storage should they be needed. Access to the archives will only be allowable by permitted members of your organization via the Internet.

Cybercriminals are always coming up with new, more refined and harder-to-spot ways of encrypted and stealing your company servers. They are attempting to do so in order to get you to pay a ransom or to sell it on the darknet for a huge profit. There are many things they will attempt to leverage in order to gain a foothold on your systems including a lack of training of your staff, inadequate cybersecurity measures or insufficient email archiving solutions in place. If the cybercriminals seek a ransom then your organization will be threatened that the exfiltrated data will be deleted in a specified period of time if a payment is not completed.

Due to this it is important that you have a safe, complaints and accessible archive of all your email available. If this is the case then you will have less to worry about as a backup can be brought online quite quickly. – sometime with just the click of a mouse.

How do Email Archive Ensure GDPR Compliance?

Email archives, particularly ones that are implemented using a cloud-based solution, are very effective at ensuring compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This is important if your company is managing the private data of European Union residents. Failing to be compliant with this regulation, which became enforceable on May 25 2018, could result in fines as high as 20% of your group’s global revenue for the previous financial year or €20m – whichever figure is higher.

Cloud-based email archives help you to fulfill a number of important requirements of GDPR including:


Simple Guidelines
Immediate PDF Download

Immediate Access

Privacy Policy

It is much easier to complete a request from someone to have a copy of all the private data held by them provided. There are specific time limits in which this must be completed and the quick access features of cloud based email archives make this easy to achieve.

Data restoration can be completed quickly so nothing will be lost. This is vital as your group will be able to prove that it did everything within its power to address a GDPR breach and fight the attempts of hackers.

Cybersecurity measures provided by this type of email archive see to it that the necessary measures to block the possible loss, theft, unauthorized disclosure or unauthorized alteration of the private data of EU residents are in place.

Proof of compliance is available, via an audit trail, in the unfortunate event that a breach takes place and an official investigation needs to be conducted by a regulatory body.

If you are still not convinced then you should talk to a company that has a strong reputation in relation to providing solutions like this. They will guide you through the many other benefits that you may not have considered before.