Content Filtering Software Requirements

When you are trying to address your company’s content filtering software requirements in order to improve your efforts to prevent cyber attacks from infiltrating your network and databases.

There are three major advantages in deciding to use content filtering to tackle the threat of hackers:

  1. Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) enforcement: Companies normally establish AUPs in order to hold staff accountable for their actions online. They also ensure that the group is doing everything in its power to prevent any regulatory breaches occurring on its network. This is also important to prevent any HR issues if one member of staff was to view someone inappropriate on another member of staff’s computer.
  2. Controlling Website Access: This is very important as it means that you can prevent staff from logging onto websites that are known to harbour ransomware and malware. This addresses the issues posed by phishing and the chance of your network being locked and a ransom being demanded in order to make it accessible again. When deployed with other cybersecurity measures it can minimize your vulnerability to these types of cyber attacks.
  3. Minimizing Time Wasting: You can also set your web content filters to stop staff accessing websites that are linked with time wasting activities. These owls includer online shopping, sports gamblign portals, video streaming, P2P file sharing websites, news websites or platforms for playing online games. All of these services can both lead to time wasting and place a severe strain on the bandwidth available for conducting required work activities. These categories of website are also commonly used by hackers to host computer viruses and phishing lures.

There is also the option of allowing some access to the aforementioned websites at set times during the day, liek lunch time or during breaks. This is a good way of keeping staff morale high and also protecting your network at the same time.

By putting these measures in place firms can then safely provide staff, clients and guests to use their WIFI hotspots for free whether it be a shop, hotels, restaurants, bars, or travelling facility. There can be limits put in place as to what categories of websites these users are allowed to view such as ecommerce, traveling or news coverage.

Providing completely free web access can lead to plenty of issues for any business in relation to lots of things including cybersecurity. A lot of people might opt to log on to a free WiFi system to conduct activity that is illegal due to the extra anonymity which public WiFi access areas offer. The accessing of adult site contents is another significant problem for a lot of businesses. Both of these problems must be avoided by implementing content filtering.

Finding a good web content filtering service could be a painstaking and time-intensive process, during which you will discover a broad range of options available and a number of different features included by various service providers.


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