Using a Content Filter for an MSP

Managed Service Providers need many different features included in the web filters as their clients need to have one of these without breaking the bank when it comes to investment levels.

There are a couple of routes that you can choose to provide this feature while putting in place everything that your clients require without taking on a lot of work at very little return for the investment that you must make to achieve this.

In the face of attacks and the damage that they can do to your company it is important to install a cost effective Internet content filtering service. These come with some advantages such as:

  • Improve productivity of the workforce
  • Less of a drain on bandwidth
  • Control of web browsing so less potential HR problems
  • Cyberattacks mitigated
  • Blocks drive-by malware attacks
  • Sector regulatory compliance made easier
  • Safer browsing and cutting legal dangers

An MSP Content filter is an excellent way to manage web browsing and keep everything in line with your organization’s code of conduct. Another bonus is that you can restrict access to time wasting sites that provide social interaction, gameplay or online shopping. Products that incorporate an Internet access control for managed service providers can be sold as a service to clients to help them prevent HR issues from arising from Internet abuse. Legal risk can also be managed by blocking illegal activity such as copyright-infringing file downloads.

One of the main benefits of an Internet access control for managed service providers is to keep clients’ networks secure. Content filtering for managed service providers can be used to block malware and ransomware installations. The risk of phishing attacks can also be reduced by preventing network users from accessing unsafe web content.

DNS Internet filtering for managed service suppliers puts in place a range of welcome additions that other forms of Internet access control do not boast. These include permitting content filtering for managed service providers to meet any special conditions that they may have in place.


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DNS Internet filtering for MSPs is the most straightforward method of managing the Internet content that is viewed on your network. You will not need to invest in extra hardware to be purchased, installed by experts. In addition to this your users will not have to download software to run the solution on each device so there will be no pressure on users to complete extra actions.

Installation is quite simple as only the DNS setting needs to be amended and directed to the provider’s servers. Once this is in place everything can be up and running almost instantly.