Cloud Solution for Web Filtering

A cloud solution for web filtering will give you complete management over web usage on your network and safeguard your databases and users in everything that they do while using the Internet.

If you select a robust solution for this you will be able to draw up policies to tackle the constant attacks conducted by hackers, stop anyone from viewing unsuitable content including pornographic material, prevent the reading of hate-fuelled material and stop staff from wasting time on sites such as online shopping and social media. You will be provided with analytics and reports in relation to your users network and online behaviour that will allow to spot issues before then grow.

You can also introduce a granular solution for doing this which will allow you to have an Internet usage policy that is very specific to a group and the specific needs of each employee or department. A granular solution will mean you can set up a dedicated setting for anyone. This is important as you may need to allocate permissions to members of a marketing department so that they can conduct social media campaigns or advertising plans where they will need access to these platforms, unlike someone in the engineering or accounting department.

If you wish to stop rogue members of staff from logging on to inappropriate online materials, which is typically hosted on web platforms littered with malware and ransomware that could compromise your databases, you should implement a cloud solution for web filtering as soon as possible.

These solutions will also provide you with a lot of information that can be used in employee reviews or to identify where you can increase productivity among certain departments. For example, behaviour based reporting will produce charts that map requests by web category; requests by web domain and requests by IP address. You will also be able to see what sites were blocked after they had been requested.

Trend reports will show you when requests are being made to view each site and spot trends so you can amend your filters. For example you might allow access to online shopping or social media during lunchtimes. Reports will show you how the solution implemented stopped visits to phishing sites and malware-infected domains and clients.


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There are a range of options in relation to the use of filters for options including category, time, IP, domain, allowed/blocked and options for exporting reports such as pdf, excel, email. You can also set reports to be produced at specified times with some solutions.

Adding a solution like this then it will give you an added bonus when it comes to marketing your business. Having reports that show how strong your cybersecurity measures are could prove invaluable when you are trying to close out a sale.