Cloud Based Email Archiving Solutions

Cloud based email archiving solutions are now a legal requirement for the majority of business enterprises, they remove possible misunderstandings associated with email archiving, ensuring you satisfy your regulatory email retention obligations.

While it is feasible to hold emails within your email servers, that would place an enormous amount of stress on your network. The volume of communications currently being sent means a dedicated storage solution for older is essential. Making backups of e-mail communications is enough to address disaster recovery requirements, but email backups may not be of any use if emails need to be recovered and restored for a legally-required audit or eDiscovery. Email backups cannot be browsed simply, meaning locating the messages you are searching for is a tremendously labor intensive task.

Email archives are created for long-term email storage as well as simple recovery of email information on demand. An email archiving system is likely to enable you to take care of the constantly increasing levels of email which enables it to bring down the storage capability required. Businesses that move email information} from their mail system to an archive typically decrease email storage space by 75%-80%, with regular maintenance periods generally decreased by approximatelly 50%.

Previously, e-mail message archiving was usually achieved making use of email archiving software. The program is used to automate the action for email archiving and also directs email info to an archive on a genuine program and even dedicated on site servers. Email archiving software continuously be carried out by many business groups, as are real physical email archiving appliances; however, cloud message archiving has become the norm.

In comparison to appliances, you are going to discover no limitations on email quantity with cloud based archives. As the amount of email messages extends, there is definitely no need to carry on increasing local storage capability and you additionally will not need to continue purchasing extra appliances. Cloud email archiving adapts to the evolving needs of your body. When additional storage room is required, capacity is likely to be enhanced. If you decrease the level of users, capacity could possibly be cut without causing you a storage space issue that you are financing but not using. With cloud archive solutions, info is kept properly in one place. This has a tendency to ensure it is a lot easier to browse as well as recover email communications and a lot more painless to secure your email data.

Cloud email archiving allows email archiving to be taken from the workload of the IT division. There are not any sort of maintenance expenses, no software program must be patched and updated,as well as backups are done immediately. A cloud email archiving plan is a set and overlooks the solution.

Email archiving typically achieved employing email archiving apps. This is used to automate message archiving and also directs email communications to an archive on a realsystem or perhaps your own physical server located nearby. Email archiving software programs are regularly used to power a number of groups, as are physical email archiving appliances.


What are the benefits of archiving emails?

Archiving emails reduce the load on mail servers to improve performance, and businesses can reduce storage space for emails by up to 80%. Email archives protect against data loss, help businesses comply with data retention laws and ensure emails are always available on demand.

How long do I need to retain emails in an archive?

Most email retention laws require email data to be retained for between 1 and 7 years. HIPAA documentation must be retained for 6 years from the date of creation or last data of use, whichever is greater. Email archiving solutions allow you to apply data retention policies and automatically delete data when the retention period is reached.

How much do cloud email archiving services cost?

There is considerable variation in the cost of cloud email archiving solutions. You need to carefully check for any hidden costs such as having to pay extra for helpdesk support and continuing to have to pay for inactive mailboxes. The starting price is around $2.80 per user, per month.

Are there ongoing maintenance requirements for cloud email archives?

One of the benefits of a SaaS email archive is it makes archiving emails effortless and there will be little to no maintenance required. Cloud email archives are set-and-forget solutions, with patching, hardware maintenance, and backups handled by the service provider.

Is it easy to switch email archiving service providers?

It pays to research service providers before entering into a contract to find out how easy it will be to switch providers in the future. Some service providers use proprietary data formats which can make changing providers difficult. Make sure a solution exports data in a range of common data formats to save headaches in the future if you want to move your archive to another solution provider.

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