Business Content Filtering

If you are researching solutions for tackling cyberattacks for your business then you are, no doubt, aware of business content filtering software. You should be aware that there are a number of other uses for it as well that we will detail in this article.

Typically companies permit their staff to browse the Internet as long as they agree to adhere to a code of conduct. However, this can lead to some ‘time wasting’ and unproductive behaviour. Along with this some members of staff are still in a position to breach the code of conduct and view inappropriate material, leading to great stress for their co-workers.

Business content filtering can solve this issue as web managers and IT managers are in a position to pick and choose what content can be viewed leading to a happier workplace and increased productivity.

Enabling SSL Inspection

Using SSL inspection the content of encrypted websites is checked in order to gauge if loading then to the network will be in line with your code of conduct or present any danger to the databases. This is important as approximately 50% of websites globally are now encrypted including many malicious websites.

This has happened as a result of cybercriminals gaining access to certification authorities and web performance companies’ networks before awarding themselves SSL Certificates for free. For this reason an SSL Certificate is not a guarantee that a URL is completely safe. When you are implementing business content filtering software it must have SSL inspection or you run the risk of being duped by a hacking website that has encryption in place. If the SSl inspection does not find anything untoward then it will allow access to the website that has been requested.

So you must realise that you do not have SSL inspection in place then you are running an inadequate business content filter. You will be susceptible to cyberattacks and your staff will be able to visit websites that are known to harbour malware and ransomware. In short, if you want to have an adequate solution in place then you need to have a business web filter with SSL inspection included.


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An important consideration is the inclusion of many controls that you can fine tune on your solution. Whitelisting is particularly important so your solution will not have to keep checking your most viewed websites every time someone clicks on them. You can mark them as safe and they will not cause any more additional work on the solution.

You should be able to amend permissions based on who is browsing so there is no issue of one department not having access to a website that they need to in order to complete a task or project.